House of Power: precision performance tuning and customization since 2009

Specializing in stock ecu tuning for Mitsubishi Evolution 8, 9, 10 and Neon SRT-4 (And soon AEM series 1 & 2)

I'm always worried about who is going to strap my car to a dyno I've heard so many horror stories of neglect or negligence when it comes to strapping the car down or seeing it set up properly. But after buying my brand new Wrx and getting a chance to see how House of Power treats each car on the dyno I was sold. This is my go to spot for dyno tuning and when I get my promotion I'll be in for my intakes and tune!

-Steven | Subaru WRX


From roll cages, to exhausts, to intake piping. House of Power serves all of your custom fabrication needs, welding and cutting done in house.

Engine Builds & Tuning

Specializing in Stock ECU tuning for Mitsubishi Evo 8-10 AEM Series 1 & 2 for all makes and models. HP Tuners for GM platforms and COBB for GTR & Subaru!


We can install any custom parts for your build. We can recommend parts based on successful setups and experience.


Builders of "Kenny G Evo"

Trusted and Proven:

  • High performance tuning and builds
  • Custom setups built from scratch
  • Large community support
  • Race ready builds
  • Unparralelled quality and service


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